Death to Gays? No thanks, I’m a human

Uganda is contemplating the death penalty to go alongside the ban on homosexuality. Lovely.

At present only 1.6% of the population of Uganda is homosexual. Of course getting accurate information on the true number is tricky as homosexual behaviour is punished with up to14 years behind bars. This failure to see a person’s biological make-up as a part of who they are is unbelievable.

Sadly, this is endemic of Africa with nearly three-quarters of the African countries having a ‘homosexual ban’. Those that don’t, allow it begrudgingly. See South Africa for example, and for a further look into the psyche of the people read about Eudy Simelane: She was a member of the South African Women’s Football team and one of the first openly gay people in that area. This wasn’t liked. So the men of the area attacked her and raped her, then stabbed her 25 times. This is a practice known grimly as ‘curative rape’. Men will rape lesbians with the intent to cure them. Of course placing aside the fact that I think the men will get far more out of it than the woman, this is an unbelievable act to carry out on another person. Police action? “Didn’t see it mate’

The bill was put to the government in 2009 by MP David Bahati after he attended a ‘workshop’ run by three US evangelists (in the dictionary, this should carry the description – ‘carries out the work of God, to an alarming and contradictory manner) who are all anti-gay and one who claimed to have been gay, but was ‘healed’. I bet he wasn’t ‘healed’ by curative rape though. They sought to correct the gay-agenda in Uganda, touting that it leads gay men ‘to sodomize teen boys who wish to defeat the marriage society and enforce sexual promiscuity’. Nothing more sexually chaste that rape of course.

Don’t forget that Africa and religion have mixed in recent times. Both this and the last Pope told people that condoms cause AIDS and that ‘the condoms have tiny holes that AIDS can spread through’, apparently AIDS is smaller 5 micrometres and is given off like a cloud during sex and as nothing to do with the sperm itself. Someone show these guys an after-school special.

In the end, Bahati submitted a bill calling for the strengthening of ‘the nation’s capacity to deal with the threats to the heterosexual family’ and that ‘homosexuality is not an inate and immutable characteristic’. What this means if you aren’t mental is that if you are gay in Uganda and have been convicted before, gone to prison, somehow survived being gay in a Ugandan prison and got out only to have ‘offended’ again (by ‘offended’ they mean ‘continued to breath’), you will be killed by the state. This also extends to anyone who commits ‘aggravated homosexuality’ or is HIV-positive.

So the only option is to flee the country? Wrong. This applies to any Ugandan, anywhere. You can be extradited and charged, no matter how far you run.

By saying this I know I have departed from the usual knock-about fae of my blog, but I feel that silence isn’t an option. And I know that other, better and more public people will speak on this in the press. But everyone has a say, and if we all shout together then our voices sound as one. One loud booming voice. Also, by saying this, I am providing a voice for the Ugandan people because if this bill passes then they would be labelled a ‘homosexual sympathiser’ and would go to jail for up to 3 years and be fined 250 shillings.

So please join me and add your name to the list here: and tell President Museveni that he must veto this bill.

Normal service will be resumed soon.


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