London 2012 Olympics – Days Thirteen to Fifteen – Sorry…

It’s all over – the Olympics are ending (well, Moxey’s blog of them is)

This last week has been a monumental event and I think the entire of the UK should be proud of everything it has achieved with these Games. I say the UK because although the Games have been mostly in London, the sailing has been in Devon; the football in Manchester, Glasgow and Cardiff; the rowing in Eton and the support, well the support has been universal.

From town to town the support for the athletes has been immense. The torch relay was a true catalyst of support and allowed everyone, no matter where they lived, to feel special and to feel like part of the Games. Villages and cities all over the UK will have  had a claim to fame for these Games. Whether it was Stotfold in Buckinghamshire hailing ‘Queen Victoria’ Pendleton or Sheffield praising the amazing Jessica Ennis the entire land has had a hero to love. I personally have been keeping an eye out for anyone who once wore Brunel colours.

This post is an apology as much as anything. I am sorry that I cannot continue to blog on the Games as I am away in the Channel Islands and without any internet access so it would be even more difficult than it is currently trying to blog at bedtime.

I have thoroughly enjoyed chronicling the events in Stratford, it has made me feel closer to them and I can only hope you enjoyed it too.

I will be back after the Olympics (and a suitable lie-down) with a few blogs of review for the Games and then I will most likely revert back to my usual grumbling self. If you have enjoyed the blog so far then have a leaf through my back catalogue or pop onto Facebook and ‘Like me’ in the true egotistical fashion that requires.

Have a good rest of the Games!



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