So Why Does My TV Dislike Me?

Moxey takes on Aspirational TV

Time was when I got on with my TV. It would sit in the corner of the room and gurgle sweet noises to me. Like a square Furby. But in the last few years it seems that Old Flickering Faithful has it in for me.

This all started with soaps (as it always does). In the UK, sometimes these shows can be a great exponent of social change like the AIDS story lines in Eastenders in the 1990s when even the mention of “AIDS” was enough to give people the heebie-geebies that the ‘gay cancer’ would lurk around corners or on toilet seats to get them and make them look like those folks on Children In Need. Frequently UK soaps show people on the breadline or in ‘working-class’ areas like the East-End or Manchester. Or a farm. But across the pond, soaps have an all-together more bubblegum appearance.

A Shameless Whore to the Google Corp.

So I decided to take the plunge and investigate exactly what Google+ is (apart from an infuriating thing to type, having to find the plus sign on the keyboard is hard enough, then add in the need to hit Shift). Firstly, I suppose it would only be fair to tell the truth. I didn’t take … Continue reading

The Press Love This Sort of Shit-Flinging Gubbins

With a performance review tomorrow and a meeting with the trustees of my scholarship in a week (there is a way to say that statement, and I’m not there yet) what could be a better idea than a new post. The main topic of choice has to be the furore surrounding the News of the World. Whether … Continue reading

When Two Tribes Go to War

Well on rumbles the X Factor juggernaut. I originally intended to write this at the very start of the series, but time makes fools of us all…. You sit and watch the X Factor in a manner of disbelief (or at least I do). You wonder what the hell is going on, why hundreds of … Continue reading

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