The Future Has Solved Nothing – Other Than the Itch in Our Pants

Recently Felix ‘The Cat’ Baumgartner made his historic plummet from the heavens and in doing so broke 2 world records – one for speed, the other for height. There were rumours he would break the record for shittest microphone too but it turns out that the guys over at Channel AKA have that one sewn … Continue reading

London 2012 Olympics: Day Six – Inspire a Generation…to suffer

Come day six, come the fatigue. Not for the athletes you understand – for me. But I imagine some of those boys and girls are a little knackered. Today sees the last day before the athletics kicks off and the GB team are back in the country looking for gold in many, many areas. It … Continue reading

England Footballers: The only thing between us and chaos

Rooney realises that his looks can be improved on

In the wake of the useless England performance in the European Championships this year lot of people are asking whether time and money should be spent getting the national team up to world-beating performances at the detriment of the Premier League. “It isn’t possible to have both”, many say. So choose. However, before you do … Continue reading

Are you ‘That Londoner’?

"Good view from here though"

It is vaguely bizarre that as soon as I set up a Facebook page and migrate my ‘blog’ to a WordPress site I suddenly don’t post anything for 3 months. Believe it or not I haven’t been riled by anything in particular. Well that’s a lie, I’ve been writing my thesis. Since April I have … Continue reading

Club 18 to 24 and a 1/2

While on my radio show a few weeks back (catch it here) my co-host said an interesting thing. He said, “…back in the days when I used to go clubbing..”. At this I did stop and pause and thought ‘yup that is definitely a part of my life that is over now’….and I couldn’t care less. As a … Continue reading

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