London 2012 Olympics: Day Six – Inspire a Generation…to suffer

Come day six, come the fatigue. Not for the athletes you understand – for me. But I imagine some of those boys and girls are a little knackered. Today sees the last day before the athletics kicks off and the GB team are back in the country looking for gold in many, many areas. It … Continue reading

Death to Gays? No thanks, I’m a human

Uganda is contemplating the death penalty to go alongside the ban on homosexuality. Lovely. At present only 1.6% of the population of Uganda is homosexual. Of course getting accurate information on the true number is tricky as homosexual behaviour is punished with up to14 years behind bars. This failure to see a person’s biological make-up … Continue reading

Time for an Election!

As I write it is now one week until nominations close for the Union of Brunel Students elections and over 3 weeks from learning who will have the keys to the place next year. Sadly, while our elections use AV (STV if you care), they aren’t a patch on the rollercoaster of the local and … Continue reading

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