London 2012 Olympics: Day Eight – Ennis, Farah, Rutherford and Golds out of the ears

It was billed as ‘Super Saturday’ by LOCOG and by God it was. Huge events both beginning and ending in the Olympic Stadium. Else where around London, Hyde Park entered the Olympic fray, the Velodrome was a continued flurry of enjoyment and success and Wimbledon fever was back! Firstly the need is to pay homage … Continue reading

London 2012 Olympics: Day Five – London has it all, even a Jester in the shape of a Mayor

Spot of admin as we look at the fifth day of the 30th Olympiad in 2012. Lotta numbers there. Seems that the fuss at the badminton seems to be continuing at pace. Some journos seem to want to call it ‘Badmintongate’ or ‘Shuttlecockgate’ or some equally dim name. I wont do that as 1) It … Continue reading

London 2012 Olympics: Day Three – As a species, we just aren’t ready for Twitter

So it took a few days but it seems the world has imploded and the Olympics has been dragged into the shitstorm of everyday life and ‘social’ media. From the off, I have to say I love using social media but I rarely enjoy actually having it. I use it to promote this blog (‘Like … Continue reading

London 2012 Olympics: Day Two – A day of girl power and British medals

Another day opens at the London Games and still the excitement won’t go away. After spending most of the first day out, it was hard to catch up but thankfully nothing requires my attention on the second day so lots to talk about. The empty seats fuss is still on-going but seems that my bile … Continue reading

London 2012 Olympics: Opening Ceremony – Bizarre and daft. It was very British

And breathe a sigh of relief. It’s here. The Olympics have arrived. Over the next 14 days the aim of this blog is to bring you the news from the Games as well as the more odd stories making the events. Hopefully all of this will be done in a humorous way – though that … Continue reading

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