London 2012 Olympics: Day Four – The Loser Takes it All

Ahhh cheating. No matter what the sport there will always be someone out there willing to push the boundaries of what is acceptable. Whether it is subtle: a new doo-hickey on the Red Bull F1 cars that is ‘not against the rules but against the spirit of the rules’ or it is blatant: a Ben Johnson … Continue reading

London 2012 Olympics: Day Three – As a species, we just aren’t ready for Twitter

So it took a few days but it seems the world has imploded and the Olympics has been dragged into the shitstorm of everyday life and ‘social’ media. From the off, I have to say I love using social media but I rarely enjoy actually having it. I use it to promote this blog (‘Like … Continue reading

London 2012 Olympics: Day Two – A day of girl power and British medals

Another day opens at the London Games and still the excitement won’t go away. After spending most of the first day out, it was hard to catch up but thankfully nothing requires my attention on the second day so lots to talk about. The empty seats fuss is still on-going but seems that my bile … Continue reading

London 2012 Olympics: Day One – It’s a slap in the face and two fingers up

Billy No Mates!

The day after the night before. It feels like we should all be hungover and full of regret. Although I am slightly regretting this daft promise to blog constantly….. Today was the first day of the Olympics proper (Unless you count the football (which I don’t) and the archery) and it was a day of … Continue reading

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