White Students Need Not Apply: The Reply

So as mentioned in the earlier post I wrote an article regarding the NUS and its Black Students’ Campaign. Sadly, despite it being a Brunel-centric argument and not a theory to be applied to all society, I was asked to get a right of reply from the NUS themselves. As is the law under the Journalist Code … Continue reading

White Students Need Not Apply

Upon telling the editor of the student paper I write for that this article was to be about black students, the NUS and free speech; the response was roughly ‘Oh shit’. It’s fair to say that this is something of a thorny issue. With a campus-wide referendum on the NUS approaching this year and with … Continue reading

University: Is it all worth it?

“Hands off my Education!” was one. “F**k fees” was another (yes it was written with asterisks – like a child). All signs at the Demo 2010 in which thousands of students, and a couple Socialist douche-hats, marched through London to protest the fees rising. Many shouted “Where’s my value for money?” and “Bollocks to Clegg” … Continue reading

It Seems Pimping is One of The Three R’s Now

It seems that some people are worried about my high-horse. That I use it too much and the poor thing deserves a rest. Not to fear, I do feed and water it regularly and ensure that it is well rested for when I need to trot it out (like a tired analogy that this too … Continue reading

Club 18 to 24 and a 1/2

While on my radio show a few weeks back (catch it here) my co-host said an interesting thing. He said, “…back in the days when I used to go clubbing..”. At this I did stop and pause and thought ‘yup that is definitely a part of my life that is over now’….and I couldn’t care less. As a … Continue reading

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