University: Is it all worth it?

“Hands off my Education!” was one. “F**k fees” was another (yes it was written with asterisks – like a child). All signs at the Demo 2010 in which thousands of students, and a couple Socialist douche-hats, marched through London to protest the fees rising. Many shouted “Where’s my value for money?” and “Bollocks to Clegg” … Continue reading

It Seems Pimping is One of The Three R’s Now

It seems that some people are worried about my high-horse. That I use it too much and the poor thing deserves a rest. Not to fear, I do feed and water it regularly and ensure that it is well rested for when I need to trot it out (like a tired analogy that this too … Continue reading

Brunel Questions….Andy Burnham

Every month, I and Alex Mitchell will be sitting down with famous political figures and putting our questions to them. In this edition, we talk to the Shadow Secretary of State for Education and MP for Leigh, Andy Burnham “To me, Hillsborough was the end of the era where the authorities could stitch everything up … Continue reading

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