The Third and Final Presidential Debate

As the circus reaches its pinnacle, we arrive in Boca Raton, Florida for the final US Presidential debate of 2012 and the final push. This debate was to be focused on foreign politics and policies and the response to a more heavily-armed Middle East. Did it stay that way? Did it heck. While the moderator … Continue reading

The Second US Presidential Debate

Ahead of the third Presidential debate and the nearing of election day, Ben Moxey is back to review the action of the second Presidential debate. In the two weeks since the last debate and much has moved on in US Politics. We have had Obama paying people to follow Romney around in a Big Bird … Continue reading

The First US Presidential Debate

Credits to DonkeyHotey

With the US Presidential election drawing nearer, the first debate certainly turned a few heads. Ben Moxey recounts what happened and what we might yet see. On Wednesday night (Thursday morning for the GMT lovers) Obama and Romney took to the floor of the Magnus Arena in Denver for the first Presidential debate of the … Continue reading

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