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The First US Presidential Debate

With the US Presidential election drawing nearer, the first debate certainly turned a few heads. Ben Moxey recounts what happened and what we might yet see. On Wednesday night (Thursday morning for the GMT lovers) Obama and Romney took to the floor of the Magnus Arena in Denver for the first Presidential debate of the … Continue reading

London 2012 Olympics – Days Thirteen to Fifteen – Sorry…

This last week has been a monumental event and I think the entire of the UK should be proud of everything it has achieved with these Games. I say the UK because although the Games have been mostly in London, the sailing has been in Devon; the football in Manchester, Glasgow and Cardiff; the rowing in Eton and the support, well … Continue reading

London 2012 Olympics: Day Eleven – Cycling, Wrestling, Cycling, Athletics and Cycling

Yesterday some one text me to ask where the sudden cycling passion has arisen from. I guess I have to point to the Pringle in the Park…The velodrome has provided some of the best entertainment over the Games. The Swimming was magnificent for last week and the Athletics were amazing for the weekend but the one thing … Continue reading

London 2012 Olympics: Day Ten – Four legs gold, two wheels more gold

The last Monday of the 2012 Olympic Games. It has passed with a disgraceful swiftness and I feel that I haven’t had the chance to take it all in, much like an anorexic at a buffet. After quiet day on Sunday the competition roared back to life once more yesterday. Sadly I had to get my bike serviced 10 … Continue reading

London 2012 Olympics: Day Nine – The Athletes don’t make the Games, London does

After ‘Super Saturday’ must come ‘Sleepy Sunday’. That’s not to say that the sport was not as furious and as fast-paced or that the athletes were more sparse – it is still only the third day of the Olympic stadium being used in anger and LOCOG need to get the full use out of the … Continue reading

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