Liveblog | US Presidential Election 2012

Credits to DonkeyHotey

As millions of Americans head to the polls to decide the fate of a nation, join me here at Le Nurb as we bring you live text commentary from 9PM(GMT) tonight all the way through until we have a new leader of the free world. Hopefully not too late. I like sleep. ———— Live coverage … Continue reading

Facebook: Apply Sparingly

Facebook is the UK’s number one tool for trying to convince people that you are popular by uploading pictures of yourself in nightclubs. But that’s not all this huge social network (hmmm…good film name) site can do. You can also list all of your favourite bands that no-one has heard of in a pointless note … Continue reading

Brunel Questions….Andy Burnham

Every month, I and Alex Mitchell will be sitting down with famous political figures and putting our questions to them. In this edition, we talk to the Shadow Secretary of State for Education and MP for Leigh, Andy Burnham “To me, Hillsborough was the end of the era where the authorities could stitch everything up … Continue reading

The Death of Daniel James (from Dec 08)

As I’m having a hectic period with work and all, I thought I’d dip into the past and repeat an old article I wrote for the December 08 issue of LeNURB  First of all, it’s worth me clarifying this article and saying that I’m not a parent. I don’t have an emotional link anything as … Continue reading

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